What is Workplace and Community Chaplaincy?


Corstorphine Old Parish supports a Workplace and Community Chaplain; Esther Elliott. She works in the workplaces and community spaces in West Edinburgh to support people's emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

Legend has it that many, many years ago a solider called Martin met a poor beggar as he was approaching the city gates of Amiens in France. He impulsively cut his military cloak in half to share with the man. That night, Martin dreamed of Jesus wearing the half-cloak he had given away. He heard Jesus say to the angels: "Martin, clothed me with this robe."  Martin became famous and his cape was preserved. No-one knew what to call the space where they kept the cloak so they named it the Cappella, or "place of the cape" in Latin. In English this is the word "chapel" and the people who guarded the Cappella were named "chaplains"! 

At the heart therefore of being a chaplain is a desire to share the resources we have to enable people to be healthy in body, mind and spirit, in the name of faith.

The West Edinburgh Workplace and Community Chaplain role is just one of many Workplace Chaplaincy roles organised by the charity  Workplace Chaplaincy Scotland



Contact and more information 

Esther Elliott 07702 863342   West Edinburgh Chaplain 

24 hour helpline 0800 3579727


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