What the Chaplain does

Most Chaplaincy is about listening. Listening to people who want to tell someone about an event. Listening to people who want to think something through. Listening to people who are distressed or afraid. Listening to people who want to share good news. 

Some Chaplaincy is about offering practical support to people who ask for it. A link to an organisation or service that can help with a problem. Coaching to find a solution or a next step. Facilitation of a conversation. A friendly, accompanying presence at a work meeting. 

Community Chaplaincy is about joining in with people to make the local community a better place. Some of it is about organising community initiatives. Angel Wings on the Church gates for selfies at Christmas. A Community Walking Nativity and carols in the local coffee shop. A bench for urgent collections of items for people during lockdown. A coffee club for bereaved men. A discussion group that meets in cafes and pubs. 

All Chaplaincy is about supporting and encouraging people to attend to their spiritual as well as their emotional and physical wellbeing. It's about space to speak of deeper, spiritual and inner things. Space not boundaried by or attached to a requirement to follow a particular religion or join a particular church. 

For a list of services offered by the Chaplain click this link Chaplaincy Services

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