Old Parish Church on TV







Passing pedestrians in Kirk Loan on Thursday, September 20 must have blinked when they looked at our church notice board there …. because it proclaimed we were Oaklands Old Parish Church, with worship led, not by the Rev Moira, but by Father Thomas Hughes!

The Loan was officially closed to traffic all day by the City Council to allow filming of scenes for a new series of the BBC3 television situation comedy Pramface to take place, with our permission, in and around the Old Parish Church.

Up to around 50 technicians, production staff and cast (including Scarlett Alice Johnson, who played Vicki Fowler in BBC-tv’s “EastEnders”from 2003-4) were there, along with large technical equipment, lighting and sound vans.

 Our Congregational Board Clerk, Ken Harrower, kindly volunteered to keep an eye on things and give advice to the BBC people (including finding a blacksmith at short notice) – with his day beginning at 6.45am and continuing till 7.30pm (with just a quick visit to the dentist late afternoon when his wife Moira took over).    Things were not made easier by persistent and at times heavy rain lasting virtually all day, so a medal is due to the Harrower family!

The BBC are due to return to Oaklands Old Parish Church (sorry, us!) for two more full days’ filming in late October/early November with a bigger cast list, when it is possible they will be looking for “extra cast” playing worshippers in the church.    There are no details yet, and any news about this will be given by the Minister from the pulpit on Sundays.

Fees will also be paid to the Old Parish by the BBC for the facilities they are being given.